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47 **"Mercedes' New Models Audition " You can watch Sexy BBWs audition for Mercedes to become strippers, and models for the website. Watch them dance out of their clothes, shaking and grinding their Big Fat Asses. Also Bonus Footage of Lena, taking a shower and trying on a few sexy outfits, with plenty of Ass shaking and gyrating from Lena also. This tape is a combined 80 minutes of action

46 **"Chocolate Desire's Debut Video " Big Sexy measurements like 56KK breast, 48 waist and a Magnificent 98 inch Ass, all packed to beautifully into this 610 pound package. You will enjoy watching this beauty showering, facesitting, squashing and dancing this gorgeous woman belongs on your big screen

45 **"Mercedes' New Models Audition 5 " You can watch Sexy BBWs audition for Mercedes to become strippers, and models for the website. Watch them dance out of their clothes, shaking and grinding their Big Fat Asses. Meet Bubbles, Passion & Strawberry. With a special guest appearance from MerBBW's 6 year model  Naughty.

44 ***"Diamond's Swimsuit" A pure masterpiece, see Diamond laughing, smiling, dancing, swimming and changing into 8 different outfits, watch her as she fits all of her Huge ass into those tight bikini's you see it all. Diamond's fat ass walking around the pool deck, with her Ass jiggling is so HOT!! A must have for all Big Butt lovers.


43 ***BBWS Gone Wild" First time on tape, taking BBW enjoyment to a higher level, and you've seen it here first. 9 Sexy BBWS battle it out in Skimpy tops and thongs. Any and everything goes. You will see Big tits, Fat Asses and Big Thighs everywhere. You will see many of your favorite models, Mercedes, Diamond, Ms. Bottoms Up, Joi, Platinum, Mystique, Ebony Baby Doll, Toya and Rika.  Start your collection now with Vol 1

42 "Diamond ... is a boys best friend" You asked for it, Its here Diamond Hot and Horny, Playing with her Naked Sexy Body, UNBELIEVABLE CLOSE-UPS, you will feel like she's right there with you. Watch Diamond as she gives herself an explosive orgasm FIRST TIME ON TAPE DIAMOND NAKED AND CUMMING For all of the lovers of that Tiny Waist and Big Fat Ass, there's plenty of Ass shaking, grinding and vibrator action.


41 **"Walk outdoors with Vanilla Pear" watch this sexy pear shaped supersized BBW, walking outside. With her big 86" Ass jiggling with every step. She also goes indoor and try's on several different sexy outfits for a date. And when he doesn't show, she masturbates and brings herself to an explosive orgasm. And with great close-ups you get to see it all. If you love Big Asses this tape has everything you need. Satisfaction guaranteed.

40 **"An Hour an a 1/2 of Pure ASS" That's right 90 minutes featuring Joi,  Platinum, and Bianca. With 2 very lucky men. Lots of facesitting, ass licking, smothering,  ass worshiping, one of the ladies even takes some doggie styled fucking. And never before  seen Double face sitting. Watch Joi with her big huge sexy ass sit on 2 lucky men at one  time. A classic for any true ass lover.

39 **"Mercedes & Ms Bottoms Up X-rated Vacation" Join Mercedes and Ms Bottoms up on vacation. Watch them walking out doors in tiny mini skirts and shorts. Indoors oiling up after a shower. Mercedes and Ms Bottoms up facesit on a lucky man. And then after they get all Hot and Horny you get to watch great girl/girl action while Mercedes shows Ms Bottoms Up just how horny she makes her. What a vacation! You wanna cum?

38 **"Mercedes' New Models Audition 2" Were back again and on this New Video you can watch the Sexy BBWs audition for Mercedes to become strippers, and models for the  website. Watch them dance out of their clothes, shaking and grinding their Big Fat Asses. All of the women are Gorgeous!! We've done it again, and there's so much more to come. *BONUS Luscious has a 2nd call back. You will enjoy over 40 minutes of nothing Butt Sexy Luscious!! She's sure to be one of your favorites!!  This video is 85 minutes long

37 **"Cum Shower with Rika" You will enjoy this Hot BBW with her Big Sexy Thighs and Huge Fat Ass. You will feel like you are right there in the shower with her. And you are sure to cum when she gets out and masturbates enjoying her sexy body. Lots of close up front shots also she's gorgeous.


36  "Diamonds Strip Tease" Watch Diamond do a Hot Sexy strip Tease out of Not 1, or 2 outfits, but 6 !!  Tight Sexy Outfits. See her HUGE 65 inch Ass up close on your screen.


35  " Candi Totally Nude& Tight Clothes " Cum see Candi try on several different tight outfits, see here huge sexy body totally nude, gorgeous shots of her big belly.  If you love the softness of a Super sized BBW, this great tape is for you.
60 minutes
nothing but Candi 


34  ***"Mercedes " Someone's watching me"  The camera's lens are your eyes. Unbelievable angles from all over including the floor up. Knowing that your watching she decides to give you one hell of a show, Shaking and jiggling her fat ass all over the screen, and playing with her hard clit and wet pussy, until she has an explosive orgasm. If you love being teased and want a chance to cum with Mercedes, this tape will do it.


33 ***"BBWS Food Fest" We get tons of request from our FA and Feeder admirers for a video eating. And I will tell you, the ladies enjoyed making this tape. Watch these 3 ladies eating lots of high calorie sweets, and enjoy Mercedes taking you on a tour of her soft fat sexy body.  


32 **"Ivory will make you Wet Back with 30 extra sexy pounds that all went to the right places. Enjoy Ivory washing her Big gorgeous body, oiling up, eating fattening snacks and masturbating. Lots of Ass moving and grinding. Wonderful front shots and tons of close-ups.   

31  ***"Diamonds Car Wash" Come enjoy Diamond outside on a beautiful sunny day, washing her car. And when she bends to the bucket for water, and walks away to get more soap you may not be able to hold it. You also get to see Diamond preparing for a date that evening. Wearing a gorgeous one piece purple outfit and heels. All on this one tape. A must have for any Diamond admirer. Bright beautiful lighting and great close-ups.       


30  "Naughty Gets Wet" Watch Naughty's  HUGE 74 inch ASS get all lathered up after coming out of Sexy Lace, watch her pleasure herself showing all of her gorgeous body. And don't miss her in a tight black body stocking. Naughty's newest Video and her ASS IS BIGGER.


29 ***"Mystiques Debut Video" You will more then enjoy this sexy BBW with a HUGE 86 inch Ass. Super close-ups in the shower, watch her shaking her big ass in and out of the Jacuzzi. And you will wish you were a thong when you see her in this tight 2 piece. Don't miss this seductive video, Mystique will have you wanting more.....


28 **"Spend an hour with Diamond on the Beach" And she looks gorgeous outdoors in 2 sexy 2 piece suits!! Enjoy Sexy Diamond walking on the beach, playing in the water, in the sand, dancing in the sand, shaking her big fat sexy ass. You will love watching it Jiggle!! Diamond even removes her top on the beach and shows her wet pink pussy and tight asshole. Such wonderful close-ups an beautiful clear footage you will think you are on the beach with her.  This is a must have tape for any Big Butt Lover.

27 ***Diamond and Platinum in "Bubble butts Bath" 2 of the sexiest roundest bubble butts on the internet. Diamond and Platinum together on one tape. Watch them enjoy a Jacuzzi full of bubbles, and try on a couple of matching outfits. Plenty of dancing, shaking and big booty bouncing..........  a HOT !!  tape not to be missed


26  ***"Diamonds cold winter walk" You asked for it, Its here Diamond in tight jeans and skin tight sweat pants walking around showing you her sexy body. MANY have asked to see Diamond walking around, to get the full impact of that pearshaped 65" Ass. Up close, there are UNBELIEVABLE CLOSE-UPS, you will feel like she's right there with you.  For all of the lovers of that Tiny Waist and Big Fat Ass, this tape is for  you.

25  ***"Joi's Debut Video" Here's your chance to have a Huge 90" Ass on your screen , with massive thighs to go with it. She changes 4 times, see her in a thong,  sheer lace, spandex and the sexiest when wet in the Jacuzzi. Your so close you will get wet. A must have tape for your collection!!


24  ***"3 For 1 ASSES" Cum see Platinum, Allure and Ebony Babydoll all in one Video. Spend 90 minutes with three of the largest Asses on the Internet. Watch them strip and dance, shaking their asses all over the screen auditioning for a strip club. See them in several different outfits, Over 220 inches of ASS on one screen!!!

** 90 minutes your sure to bust a load in the first 5

23 "Tabi's 50ii Tit-Tease" You get 2 tapes for the price of 1, Thats right 90 minutes of 50ii Tits in your face close enough to suck. Enjoy Tabi at home on her bed, in the Shower and in her Tight Bra. 2nd tape In her Pool and under a waterfall, its all here, 1 1/2 hours of Pure Tit Bouncing and Swinging, nipple sucking action.


22  "Naughty's Spandex " Big Sexy 73 inch ASS in Tight Spandex Shorts, Spandex Dresses, Thongs, Nothings more sexy then a woman in TIGHT CLOTHES getting ready for a date trying on lost of sexy outfits, this woman is gorgeous.

21  "Juicy's Debut Video" See her Amazing 84 inch ASS See Juicy with Mercedes dancing and shaking their FAT ASS's for the camera, in Thongs, Tight Spandex Shorts, Spandex Dresses, you have never seen such Hot Ass Movement ..... there's ASS everywhere BIG FAT ASS Jiggling just the way you like it.   Its a must see tape.

20  "MERCEDES HOT AND SEXY ON THE BEACH " HOT !!! For everyone who loves seeing my Big Sexy Body Walking Outdoors, Watch My Big Ass Shake, THIS VIDEO IS FOR ASS AND BREAST LOVERS, LOTS OF BOTH Cum watch me on the Beach baring my Big ASS and Huge Breast, Feeling the water run between my already Wet pussy. This Tape is HOT !!

19  ***"Alexis 40H All Natural" You will enjoy watching Alexis try on several different bra's looking for the right fit. And bringing herself to orgasm after getting so hot playing with her huge boobs


18  ***BUY 1 GET THE OTHER FREE   "Venus's Debut Video" Come enjoy the variety of outfits Venus tries on, From Black lace to Pink sheer, White spandex, Black Rayon.... straight to a warm Jacuzzi. This woman has a gorgeous body, take this tape home and enjoy it.

 Pictures from video 1

17 "Venus's self Pleasure" Watch Venus walking around outdoors, taking a dip in the pool, she is also in sexy spandex, silky stockings and ending the day masturbating bringing herself to a explosive orgasm. 

Pictures from Video 2

"Special Sale" Order Debut Video and get the new tape FREE $24.99      

16***Diamond, Naughty and Mercedes "Filling your request" Members have written in and made many requests. In this tape, the ladies fill all requests. Mercedes teaches Diamond and Naughty squashing, crushing and facesitting. Naughty works the ladies out with some hot, sexy booty shaking moves, and catch their photo shoot in progress. There's so much going on.  You asked for it, and you got it!!!  We always enjoy pleasing our men!!!


15  "Mercedes Face sitting" Watch Mercedes sit her 65" Ass All over this lucky man's face, Watch as he gasps for air under her huge, soft and sexy Ass!! Watch her sitting on his face having an explosive orgasm as he eats her pussy. If face sitting is your fetish, then this tape is definitely for you.


14 ***"Ms. Bottoms Up Debut Video" Watch her taking a shower, drying off and oiling up. She tries on 4 different skin tight outfits. You will enjoy watching her squeeze her big sexy body into the spandex clothes. There are lots of nude scenes. She has a gorgeous body not to be missed.


13 "XXX Pool Side Pleasure" Watch 2 Sexy BBWs make love in a Pool, and on a deck where their NEIGHBOR JOINS IN. Lots of Girl/Girl kissing, Pussy Eating and Dildo action, and when the neighbor joins plenty of Double Dick Sucking and Fucking. If you love outdoors fun with lots of Water play this tape is not to be missed.
(The ladies make out IN THE POOL, and on the deck )


12 "Diamond, Naughty and Mercedes Watch it Jiggle" This hour long video Stars Diamond and Naughty, featuring Mercedesbbw. Your getting 3 of the Internets Biggest Sexiest Ass's on the screen at one time. Cum watch the girls audition to work at Mercedes strip club, with Ass's dancing, jiggling and shaking all over the screen, in many different outfits.  An hour's worth of pure Ass in your face, Be sure to have a big towel ready your going to cum over and over and over again


11 "A Day with Queen Raqui " Come enjoy watching The Beautiful Queen Raqui's Big Sexy body in many different positions at a photo shoot for her magazine layout. See her perform a squashing session, and then wind down after her long day, in the pool. She's an incredible 6'4" tall and 600 pounds. Can you imagine her 96 INCH ASS up close on your screen?................order now


10  "Ivory's Tight Spandex" Big Sexy 79 inch ASS in Tight Spandex Pants  See Ivory's Huge Sexy Ass, bending and stretching and walking around, for those who love tight clothes on a huge sexy ass this is the tape for you!!


9  "Ivory & Mercedes Double Pleasure" Together, Ivory with her 79" Ass and  Mercedes at 65", show just how Huge Ivory's Sexy, Massive Ass really is! Watch Ivory and Mercedes, Dance and shake their sexy asses while preparing for a strip show. After getting horny, Watch Mercedes Fuck Ivory with a Huge 12" Dildo!    Be ready, you are guaranteed to cum hard and often, this tape is Hot!!


"Mercedes Tit Sucking" You wanted to see Total Tit sucking action , Here it is !! Watch Mercedes Make love to her Huge 46HH Breast. Lots of licking and sucking and playing with her beautiful nipple

MERCEDES ALL NEW " NOTHING BUT ASS PART 2" By popular demand, You wanted it AGAIN, Its here the video with " Nothing But Ass !! After the wonderful response to Nothing But Ass 1, you wanted it again. And I love pleasing you. See my sweet Ass hole so close you could lick it. Bare Naked Ass up-close, Hot and ready for you.

MERCEDESBBW PRESENTS " NOTHING BUT TIT'S "  45 Minutes, a Hot Jacuzzi  Guaranteed to leave you cumming over and over again. 46HH's bouncing, shaking and being sucked Close-up... right there on your screen, can you handle all of that ?    


5 "MERCEDES DEBUT VIDEO"  Watch Mercedes shaking her Big Tits for the camera, see her masturbating watch the most explosive orgasm on film, See her Big Ass, Wet Pussy and Large suckable nipples.....THIS TAPE HAS IT ALL !!!!


MERCEDES " NOTHING BUT ASS 1" By popular demand, You wanted it ! Its here the video with " Nothing But Ass, thats right 45 Hot Steamy minutes of my Huge Sexy Naked Ass on screen, Dancing and Shaking,Close-up Ass hole shots, masturbating, explosive orgasms Cum on my Big Ass tonight.


"MERCEDES WASHES HER CAR "  Do you want to see all of my Big Sexy Body on screen ? Cum see me in my Super Tight clothes, as I wash my car... and of course that Shirt comes OFF, lots of Big Tit Action Bouncing and Jiggling all over, as I burst right out of my bra. That 60 inch ass bent over and those Huge Legs...........


For all of you who love my Sexy Bare Feet. You will love this Hour long New Video, showing my sexy bare soles and polished toes while my body is in more positions then you can stand. Imagine worshipping my beautiful feet. A must have tape for ALL Foot lovers.



We got so many great response's to Foot Fetish 1 that Mercedes did it again! and its HOT, you will love the scrunched soles, beautiful arches on Sexy soft feet. This tape has beautiful CLOSE-UP camera angles no wasted space on the screen! The tape was directed by a veteran foot worshiper, and he told us just what's wanted in a foot tape. Also great ass and pussy close-ups of Mercedes. If you love sexy feet, This tape is for you.

SEXY WORN PANTIES: Own your favorite models panties Smell the sweet scent of pussy as you watch our Hot Sexy Video's.    Mercedes, Naughty, Diamond, Ivory and many others, write the models name on the order form 
Your favorite models PHOTOS: Set of  10                                        $19.99 
8 x 10 PHOTO           Write position and models name on order form  
"MERCEDES,DIAMOND OR NAUGHTYS  SEXY WORN LINGERIE"  Have you seen the Thousands of Photos of Mercedes, Diamond, Ivory, Naughty and all of the sexy ladies on the website? Well now ALL of the Outfits are on sale, They are going quickly so order one today and get a photo of your favorite girl wearing the outfit and smell their SWEET SCENT!!





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